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Snowy Campsite

Our plans took a turn when we heard of major snow predictions not far from where we were supposed to be leaving! We couldn't decided what to do, we were currently in Underberg heading for Champagne Valley only to hear that there was snow predicted for the next day only an hour drive from us on the border of Lesotho near Bushman's Neck. Finally we decided to chase the snow and switch our route around slightly.

We set up camp at a place called Silver Streams Cottages & Caravan Park. Snow was initially predicted for the 1st of June, however we did not have any snow fall. we spent the day exploring and watching the clouds build above the mountains hoping for snow.

We woke up on the 2nd of June at 6:05am to snow pouring down all around us coating the entire campsite and surrounding mountains in white snow. After an hour and a half of running around enjoying the snow, it started melting and we soon learnt that our tent was in natures path and found ourselves relocating everything as we got flooded out.

It truly was an incredible experience waking up in our tent warm & cosy only to then step outside into a white winter wonderland!

Unfortunately we only had one morning in the snow but after a wet & cold pack up we hit the road heading back to the coast and warmer weather where we found ourselves in Sodwana Bay the next day to complete our open water diving course.

Film will be coming out on YouTube soon! Go check Michael Monk's YouTube page.


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