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Mountain Zebra National Park - Karoo Hideaway Cabin

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The Mountain Zebra National Park was the second national park in the Eastern Cape that we visited, situated just outside of Cradock. We knew we wanted to spend some time driving around the park so we looked for an accommodation spot on a farm near by. The mountain Zebra National park offers game drives, or self drives and even some 4x4 tracks which we went straight for! The 4x4 tracks take you up the mountains to scenic view points. With loads of game for viewing and even a restaurant spot for lunch in the park.

The Karoo Hideaway cabin was 15km from the National park entrance which made for the perfect spot to stay the night. This cabin was built purposely around huge boulders, one of which features an outdoor bath & shower situated on top! As you walk onto the porch you see the biggest boulder creating a cute outdoor chilling area with an outdoor braai pit. It has everything you need for self catering and even an antique stove for aesthetic. The main bedroom has 2 en-suites! One inside and one outside the sliding door which has a great view of the river as this cabin is very private.

This cabin being situated around the boulders is very nicely thought out and stands out from the ordinary. Its a great spot to stay to enjoy the National parks as well as some relaxing down time. Have a look at the YouTube tour below


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