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Welcome to Salty-C Productions!

Salty-C Productions is an adventure driven production company created to capture the beauty around you. From the wildest outdoors and oceans to magical mountainscapes, Salty-C aspires to high quality, creative film and photographic content for you and your business. With a touch on the corporate side as well, working with international companies in creating marketing content tailored for them.

A two-person team inspired by the adventure of capturing beauty in its purest forms. Straight from getting a degree in cinematography & photography, both graduating last year, 2020.

A little insight on who we are and what we do - We are Michael Monk, aged 23 (majored in cinematography & editing) and Acacia Denison, aged 20 (Majored in photography). We strive to create content that is unique and shows how amazing our country is by using the environment around us to piece together a little story. Doing a lot of work in the tourism and adventure/outdoors scenes we are on the road a lot, traveling to our next job. Finding us in some scenic places throughout our country. Providing us great opportunities to capture its beauty and raw moments.

Check out our newly operating website !

Contact us today and let us make your idea come to reality, with a speedy turnover rate on tailored content for your business or for yourself.

Also keep an eye for upcoming blog posts. You can also find us on Instagram @salty.c_productions @michael.monk @acacia.denison

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