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Hitting the Road

After being based in Chintsa East for the first 4 and a half months of 2021 we have decided to pack up everything we need, load it into our car and hit the road! Needless to say these last few weeks have been crazy busy with car renovations, getting it ready for our trip as well as packing up our house with everything we thought we would need for our travels on the side separate to what we left behind, hoping to fit into our Jimny.

Our plan so far is to be on the road for just over a month heading all the way up the coast of South Africa as well as driving into the Drakensberg mountains. We left Chintsa on the 14th of May with a fully packed car and headed for Mdumbi. Our stay at Mdumbi Backpackers was a short 3 nights but definitely worth it!

We then headed further up the coast , taking gravel back routes through the Kei for a new & scenic drive, popping out at Port St Jons and taking the R61 to Mac Nicols Caravan Resort. We set up camp in the dark and woke up for sunrise with such a beautiful view over the river looking onto the train track.

We spent 4 relaxing days at Mac Nicols chilling on Bazley beach with the hot sunny days and getting some work down around the camp. We also received a HUGE delivery from Titan Racing bikes which we are so excited about ! Salty-C Productions will be creating content for their social media.

Our first week has already flown by but were so excited for the rest! Have a look at our youtube film below.

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