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2 Game Drives at Kariega Game Reserve

I was recently invited to Kariega Game Reserve for the weekend by my girlfriend's family. At the last minute something came up that I had to attend to in my hometown that same weekend. This meant that I could only stay for one night at Kariega. I sat for a while contemplating if it would be worth the drive for just for two game drives... and wow I can definitely say it was an incredible experience seeing four out of our Big 5 in the first game drive alongside a nice golden sunset!

The trip was perfect for us as filmmakers and photographers. I am the owner of Salty-C Productions, a production company which specialises in content creation for the tourism and travel industry. I decided to take all my gear along for the experience with the idea of making a short one minute film for my YouTube channel. As you can see, this ended up being a three minute film as we saw so much incredible wildlife.

One of my favourite experiences of the two game drives was when we came around a corner and saw three lion. We continued on and came across six more lions and three rhinos lying in the sun together! This is a very unusual sighting and we enjoyed it for at least half an hour without wanting to leave.

Thanks so much to Kariega for sharing our stay, check it out on their website

Definitely recommend visiting this Game Reserve!


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