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Tiny Wooden Cabin - Birch Cabin

Birch Cabin is indeed one of a kind when it comes to the design and structure of the tiny home. In the small town of Twee Riviere, situated on a dam wall the tiny home is part lakeside cabin and part tree house with the Birch tree towering the cabin from the back. A wrap around deck allows you to enjoy the tree house feel, and a quaint jetty giving you access to the dam. Surrounded by trees , Birch Cabin is a secluded and tranquil private space for two. This cabin is a beautiful piece of craftsmenship and built by one of the locals, using 3 blue gum trees milled on site along with recycled materials. Stepping inside you are welcomed by the sweet smell of wood.

This cute cabin sleeps 2 guests with an en-suite bath, 3 generous doors and plenty of window allowing one to open up the cabin for fresh air and maximised scenic views. A small indoor fireplace keeps the entire cabin warm with a pew to lounge on and enjoy the coziness. The ceiling is lined with funky books, a chandelier and loft (still in conversion). The cabin is not equipped for self-catering due to its small size, however there is a coffee station for early mornings and evening tea. Instead, guests dine at the culinary gem of Belfry Kitchen - located on the same grounds and only a 3 minute walk from the cabin. This restaurant/ bakery/ coffee shop produce all their own ingredients from the land, providing a rare opportunity to taste real food! Grain is stone-milled on site, cows provide fresh milk and cheese, a garden growing fresh produce and fruit trees as well as shelves filled with pickled goodies for winter seasons. you might be thinking dining out is an extra cost to your holiday, however this restaurant hasn't changed its prices since 2002, meaning well priced everything! Cappuccinos from R16 and not a single meal over R40, definitely worth the fresh fuel!

Have a look at the Youtube video tour below

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