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Stillewaters Campsite - 100km from Cape Town

This campsite is the perfect place to escape the busy city and enjoy some peaceful time in nature. Stillewaters campsite is located on a working farm just outside of Rawsonville town, only a one hour drive from Cape Town. You enter the farm through the grape vineyards to find this campsite tucked along the Smalblaar river bed at the foot of a koppie.

This campsite has 6 individual fenced and private sites of 100 x 100m. Each site can easily host 25 people, each with its own ablution facility, several 220V outlet sockets, a lapa with a bench, table and fridge. The best part about each site is the wood-fired hot tub! You fill the fire with wood, light it up and a few hours later you have a natural hot tub. Alternatively you can use it as a mini swimming pool to cool off on hot days.

What to do - There is lots to do in the area. You can taste local wine at the surrounding wine farms or enjoy the nature with a hike or cycle. There is a 10km contour loop around the farm taking you through the vineyards, along the Smalblaar river bed and past the dams. You can hike or cycle this route. You can wander through the farming vineyards by foot or bicycle. Climb/ walk to the top of the koppie giving panoramic views of the farm. If you follow the riverbed upstream, after a scramble you will find a waterfall! Have a relaxing day at camp, light the wood-fired hot tub at lunch to enjoy that evening! wood available for sale.

The sites are grassy and nicely private. This campsite is pet friendly being a great place for animals to run free. We would definitely recommend camping here, its in our top 5 favourites!

YOUTUBE video tour below

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