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3 Cederberg Campsites to visit

These 3 campsites are within 2 hours from Cape Town and make a great road trip loop! We would definitely recommend these campsites as they each have something different to offer with beautiful scenery and something for the Cederberg heat!


You pass through the town, Ceres, and begin to climb the Mountains. This campsite is located at the foot of the Skuweberg Mountains in the Kouebokkeveld region. The camps have views of the mountains and some farm land. With private ablutions and wash up stations. Camp is tucked in the bushes at the foot of the mountain which has trails taking you to scenic view points. The hike is steep but gradual and the emerging rock formations are so worth it! Pack a picnic so you can sit on the boulders and enjoy some food with endless views over farmlands, mountains in the distance and camp down below. There is a relaxing sandy beach area with swimming hole filled by fresh mountain water to cool off in.


As you reach the top of the Piekenierskloof Pass, just outside of Citrusdale you’ll find the campsite. A huge grassy piece of land parching at the top of the pass overlooking the valley down below with mountains all around. There are a few trees for shade and a swimming pool for cooling down. A farm stall in walking distance is great for topping up on supplies. We witnessed luminescent sunsets over the valley as the sun dips behind the mountains in the distance changing their colours.


A short gravel road towards the foot of the Olifantsrivier Mountain you'll find the Waterval farm. Only 1 hour 30 minutes from Cape Town this is a must visit! All the camp spots run along the river edge with indigenous trees for shade and private braai areas. The stream trickling past creates a peaceful atmosphere. With a great hiking trail that leads you higher up stream. The hike becomes a scramble and climb with ladders to help along as you climb higher up the gorge. This takes you to 22 waterfalls along the way with plenty of spots to swim and enjoy the view from a much higher perspective! Great idea to pack lunch or snacks to enjoy under the tree tops alongside a gushing waterfall. Mountain bikers also have tracks to ride around the farm.

We hope you are inspired to take a camping trip, enjoying all that nature has to offer in our beautiful country, South Africa! Let us know your thoughts if you have been to any of these campsites or plan to in future wed love to hear your experience!


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